The Dublin Guitar School

Lessons are available in several styles, which include classical guitar, electric guitar and acoustic guitar, with each class speicializing in a particular style and level . Students learn how to master the skills of playing through extensive hourly lessons, which are carried out in a friendly and thoughtful environment, and give the student the oppurtunity to meet other aspiring musicians. Classes are taught through a unique group system with 2-5 students, which gives the student the oppurtunity to learn how to play with other people, so that in the future they will be able to participate in ensemble playing, may it be in a band, an orchestra or just a singing session.


Courses are five months in duration and occur twice a year. For example, winter courses begin in September and finish at the end of January, and Spring courses begin in February and end in June. Each course contain 17 lessons, which are 1 hour  in duration


Classes are organized into different age groups, with adult classes only consisting of adults, and younger groups consisting of similar ages. Sheet music and all the necessary study tools are provided and guitars are also available during classes if necessary.


One to one lessons are available to advanced students.


Fees are available at great value, with discounts available to family members. In most music schools each half hour lesson costs 20 euro, but students who register on the website can avail of the special deal of 28 euro for each hourly lesson. Course fees can be paid through an Easy Instalment Plan, discounts are given to upfront payments, sheet music is provided free of charge, and guitars are always available in class. Private tuition is available at reasonable rates. Call for details.                      















All Lessons are taught by Daniel Cuddihy