The Dublin Guitar School

The Dublin Guitar School is part of the Cuddihy School of Music, which was founded by Daniel Cuddihy in 2003. It is a school of guitar based n Ireland, that provides top class guitar lessons to students of all levels in the Dublin area. The school offers expert tuition in all styles of guitar, including, classical guitar lessons, electric guitar lessons and acoustic guitar lessons, and also provides specialized tuition for students of leaving certificate music, and those who wish to become qualified through the London College of Music examinations and the Registry of Guitar Tutor exams


Courses are available to all ages and levels, with lessons specializing in particular age groups and styles, such as beginner guitar lessons and advanced guitar lessons. Training in important musicianship skills, such as, ear training, reading music, improvisation and learning how to play with other musicians, form an integral part of every course.


Finally, the school excels in providing extensive and enjoyable courses that allow students to study music in a frendly and professional environment. Through its unique group teaching, students enhance their skills, learn how to play with other musicians, and develop a comprehensive  understanding of the workings of music. One to one lessons are available to advanced students.


School History